Biography of Adam Bickel

Adam Bickel graduated from Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.  Adam was self trained in nearly all facets of art since a small child.  He is well known in Oregon and California for his landscape photography.  He is most known for the black and white photograph called, “Lone Tree.”  Finding solace as a child in the early Time Life books on every subject, he has a plethora of both knowledge and interest in the sciences, as well as the arts.  He has a very distinct look all his own in his drawings and paintings.  “Elderly Nude Beside a Dying Rose” and “Native Nude Descending a Stone Staircase Beside Rafflesia,” are his most well know paintings and are now in private collections.

“Adam, if Picasso and Dali were to have a baby, it would be you.  That would be one ugly baby, but you know what I mean.”      

* H. Bernhardt  (Collector and retired Associate Dean, USC School of Medicine.)

Adam Bickel resides and works in Central Point, Oregon

© 2008 Adam Bickel